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Greetings and a warm welcome to our website.

This website is here for your enjoyment. Please browse freely and offer comments. We consider this site to be something of a community resource. We hope it offers something to its community as well as to everyone who drops by. This website is sponsored by In Season Herbs and Baskets - basketmakers and growers of specialty herbs and vegetables.

Feb 01 Make a heart-shaped box or basket for Valentine's Day.
Feb 03 Treat yourself to an herbal bath.
Feb 05 Start a compost pile
Feb 10 Prune grapevines. Gather the long pieces of the vine and tie in neat bundles for use in baskets and wreaths.
Feb 15 Force some flowers to bloom. Cut bouquets of forsythia, flowering plum, or quince. Bring the cuttings inside and lace in water.
Feb 20 Look for signs of spring.

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